Draw Defense Game

"Draw Defense" is a fascinating game in the "Tower Defense" genre, in which you will have to show your creative skills and strategic thinking to defend your castle from hordes of enemies! You'll have a whole army to lead your troops into battle against overwhelming enemy forces. Draw a solid line of defense to prevent the enemy troops from destroying your fortress!

How to play?

In front of you there will be a battlefield on which you must draw certain symbols. Depending on which line or spiral you draw, you will be able to summon one of several squads of soldiers, such as: warriors, archers, cavalry and giants. You'll also be able to use various spells to conjure up a destructive tornado or unleash a fireball on your enemies! Win battles and earn gold coins to upgrade your citadel, equip your soldiers or speed up ink recovery. Augment your army with unique magical creatures that can only be accessed after you have defeated the bosses. Your enemy may occasionally have reinforcements, so save ink to have enough resources to hold off the onslaught. We wish you successful battles!

Category: Defense Games
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