Endless Siege Game

Endless Siege is an addictive tower game with daily new maps and stunning graphics. Your task is to defend to your castle and repel all waves of incoming enemies. To do this, you must place your defensive installations on the playing field, such as: an archery tower, a tower of fire arrows, a cannon tower and a slowdown tower! Each type of building costs a different amount of money, but they also all work differently. Just get to the game and try to repel all waves of enemies, although it will be very difficult. The name of the game speaks for itself, the game will be endless, which means that you won't be able to wait for the enemies to finish. You can just play until you lose. The only goal is to score as many points as possible and show the highest score! Play and set your record!

How to play?

Install your towers such as: cannon, ballista, torch and time warp cannons on the sides of the track to defend against endless attacks from orcs and monster enemies! A new map awaits you every day and it's very cool! The game has a lot of subtle strategies and interactions, different enemies and tower improvements. At times, a cannon set in the wrong place or a few empty actions and you will lose the game in an instant. So don't get discouraged, just start playing again, develop your personal technique and strategy to build the most powerful defense and keep siege indefinitely. Good luck!

Category: Defense Games
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