Keeper of the Grove 1 Game

Keeper of the Grove 1 is a well-known path defense game where you will defend the magical grove from the attack of evil monsters. They want to steal all the gems, but that can't be allowed. To protect the grove you need to grow defender plants that will protect the magic crystals. There are three main types of plants: sprout, water tower, and stone. Each of the plants will become a great defensive tower that will attack your enemies and prevent them from getting to the treasure.

The whole game is divided into levels, and in each level, you need to destroy a certain number of enemies. They will come out in waves of several and try to break through the defenses. You must set up defensive towers so that they have time to kill all the evil monsters and thieves.

How to play?

The main task is to prevent crystals from being stolen and to kill all the monsters in each of the levels. Plant plants and let them start attacking enemies. You can collect coins on the places of the fallen monsters, which can be used to buy new plants. Also, there is an opportunity to improve all the plants, increasing their level and with it their characteristics. In between levels you can pump up unique talent branches, which will increase the abilities of your defensive plants, as well as reducing their cost and giving various bonuses.

The further you play, the more unique species of plants become available to you. Choosing among them is not easy, because each plant performs its own function. Some just shoot at enemies, others slow down, others do damage to multiple enemies, and so on. Each plant will be useful on the battlefield, and against some types of monsters, you will need to apply special types of plants. This is the only way to successfully defend the grove and try to pass the whole game. Are you ready? Then go ahead!

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