Monster Tower Defense Game

In the game "Monster Tower Defense" you need to place your monster towers on the field to defend against invaders. This time you'll be defending your monster kingdom from the vicious enemies - balloons. By destroying the invaders you collect energy and can use it to buy more monsters and even improve them.The main task is not to let the invaders get to your base!

How to play?

The game consists of as many as 18 levels and each one is much harder than the previous one. Drag and drop monsters onto the green squares to set them up. Each monster costs a certain amount of energy. Your monsters are defensive towers that shoot at all enemies. The progression of the wave shows how many monsters are left to complete the level. Health level shows how much damage you have taken, don't let the level end. Energy is required to create monsters, so collect it as quickly as possible. Place your monsters in advantageous positions and have fun. Try to overcome all levels of the game. Good luck!

Category: Defense Games
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