Two-Timin' Towers Game

"Two-Timin' Towers" is a thrilling retro-style arcade survival game that will take you to an amazing pixelated world where hordes of deranged robots have rushed to wreak havoc and destruction across the land! You need to help the main character to stop them! To do so, build protective towers that will continuously dotted with a hail of bullets all around. They are capable of inflicting significant damage not only to the enemy, but also to you. Be extremely careful and do not get in the way of plasma charges.

How to play?

You will have access to 4 types of defensive structures, as well as stone blocks that can hold back the onslaught of enemies for a while. Select the desired tower, which will be located on the toolbar in the right corner of the screen. Then place it anywhere on the map. Your character will have a limited number of lives, so avoid hitting you with shells. Destroyed enemies will drop various items and spares that you will need to build new defensive towers. Unlock more defensive structures to better withstand endless waves of angry robots. Activate bonus pods with unique effects such as: shield, magnet, freeze, or instant elimination of all enemies on the map. Your wrench can reflect bullets flying at you as well as repel enemies. Earn as many points as possible and take first place in the leaderboard!

Category: Defense Games
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