Bubble Shooter Planets Game

Welcome to the game "Bubble Shooter Planets"! It's been a long time since you've shot a balloon and you want to have some fun? Then hurry up and fly to the planet, which has a lot of them! This is a game in which you can find a great way to "scratch your brains" and just relax, killing all the accumulated nerves instead of the balls. This game can develop your logic and thinking, because it is amazing, it relieves stress and tension. You will be on a planet, which has developed a lot of balls, they need to explode. This is to ensure that they did not come down to earth and did not destroy all around. Ready to destroy all the balls so they do not harm the world? Then let's do it!

On the playing field you will see a planet in which a lot of balls have gathered for you. All of them will suddenly appear. In each level their number will increase. Your task in the game is to shoot the balls in the same color balls to destroy them three or more at a time. Aim only at the right balls, because if they do not disappear, they will fill the entire playing field and you lose. If all budete do correctly, then all balls will disappear and you will receive a rating of three stars and you will move on to the next and more difficult level, until you will destroy all the unwanted balls on the planet. So, ready to fight them off and shoot them all? Then sit back and start playing! Have fun!

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