Spooky Bubble Shooter Game

Welcome to the game Spooky Bubble Shooter! This is the scariest game tied to the holiday of Halloween. On this holiday, it is always customary according to the old customs to set near the house Jack lanterns. They are called large pumpkins, which are set inside a candle and lit, so when they glow - scare away from the doorstep of every home all sorts of evil monsters. All the scary monsters who liked to scare people on this holiday wanted to get scared with strong pumpkins, but they failed, because they can only scare. These evil and creepy ghosts stole all the lanterns in all the yards, now you have to help people to find them.

All lanterns are held by evil monsters and ghosts. In order for you to get the lanterns from them, you will have to fight with them a little bit. To do this, you will have an arrow with which you will shoot at the eyes of these evil creatures. Shoot at them and look carefully at the playing field for you to shoot aptly in the right place. Aim your arrow and shoot at the eye which is the same on the playing field as your arrow. Create a group of three or more eyes so that they fall and release the lanterns afterwards. In this spooky game, you must pass the level within the time allowed. If you manage to complete the level as soon as possible, then you will get the best score. There will be 72 exciting levels waiting for you in the game, in which you will get a lot of bonuses. Become the creepiest shooter and free all the lanterns from the evil creatures. Have a good time!

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