Pebble Boy Game

Welcome to the interesting game "Pebble Boy"! In the game you will be met by a very evil and not good dragon. He trapped little flying birds, hanging them in wooden cages. These cute birds are very much waiting to be rescued and freed from the unkind dragon. They loved to fly and have so much fun with their friends that after the dragon put them in the cages the chicks cried. You don't want all these birds to cry and be sad, do you? They are really waiting for you, hurry up to help them!

How to play?

To free the birds in the game you will be helped by a small green ninja shooter, which you will control. You need to free the birds from all the places where the dragon has suspended them, it will be: the dragon's land, the winter cave and the fire den. So now we are going to tell you how to free all these birds. To free them from the dragon's cage, you just need to throw a stone to that cage. You just need to aim the shooter at any cage and shoot the stone at it. Find a cluster of birds of the same color and shoot there, so you can release more birds in one shot; this way each cage with your shot will be destroyed and chirping chicks will fly away thankfully. The number of stones you will shoot is shown in the upper right corner of the game. For the release of birds you will earn coins, for which you can then buy the service of group rescuing birds, for this all options are at the top right. Shoot stones and rescue all birds from the dragon's trap! Have fun and have fun!

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