Emoticon Ballons Game

Welcome to the game "Emoticon Ballons"! Do you remember watching the most interesting Emoji movie? Now you have a great opportunity to have a great real fun with balloons. On all the balloons you see on the playing field will be drawn these smileys. This game is made on the basis that you have fun and spend your free time with balloons and smiley smiley faces. All the balloons are so playful that they get in the way of the people around them. You need to help them to get rid of the balloons.

To do this, you need to have a good look at the playing field, on which the smilies with balls will appear. In order to start the game correctly you should carefully study all colors of balloons, as well as their emotions - smile, anger, joy, sadness, sadness. In the game you will have to destroy them all. They will go up very quickly, during this time you need to find as quickly as possible the same color and remove them in pairs by clicking the mouse on each of them. After this they should break and removed from the playing field. You need to avoid the moment when all the balls went up, otherwise you can quickly lose. Have fun and good luck winning!

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