Halloween Bubble Shooter Game

Welcome to the holiday game Balloon Shooter: Halloween! Today you have the opportunity to help Dracula shoot down the heads of monsters on Halloween night. She has long dreamed of when they all gather to destroy them all. Hurry up and hit the play button and start knocking down the monsters! On the right side of the grave crypt below, the number of moves given to clear the location will be written. If you don't keep up, the level will be lost and you'll have to start all over again. You will see the next core displayed on the left side above the cauldron.

And so, it's time to launch rather the projectile that Dracula is holding, on the same group of balls as him. To do this, you need to click on the pumpkins or other objects. If you need to hit the top closed rows, click on the sides of the playing field, they will be repelled from the walls and fly in the right direction. If you calculate correctly, then you'll shoot all the monsters on the playing field. So, ready to help Dracula knock down all the night monsters on Halloween? Then let's get started! Have fun!

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