Ghost Bubbles Game

Welcome to the Ghost Bubbles game! It's about time for all the festive days of October, when all the evil spirits and witches are approaching. And only in the holiday of Halloween everyone has fun celebrating this day ghosts with ghosts. They always love to go out at night in the park and scare the little kids who often go out for a walk. At least this time, it's worth thwarting those little well-wishers. In this clever process, only you will be able to scare these little harmful ghosts. At your playing spot will be the balls that you will shoot, they surround the ghosts. In this way you will be sending them to your home so that they don't scare or hurt anyone.

You will have a cannon with which you will shoot colored balloons. In order to chase away these harmful little ghosts, many balls of different colors are launched around them. You need to carefully examine the playing area and see what ball is in your gun. After that, find at least two similar balls near the ghosts and shoot them to remove the balls from the playing area. All these little monsters do not even know what to expect when these balls disappear. The ghosts will instantly fall and they will have to miss out on this magical and mystical Halloween celebration in the new year. Throw the balloons carefully to prevent them from reaching the ground or the game will end. Send all the night ghosts home so that all the kids can be unafraid to celebrate their favorite fun holiday. Have a great time!
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