Electric Trains Game

Introducing a new, interactive electric train driving simulator! The game has simple and intuitive controls. Try yourself as an electric train driver in this realistic simulator. You will be able to control different types of trains and transport passengers or freight cars. This is a dynamic and addictive game in which you will have fun!

How to play?

The game provides you with 2 modes: mission execution and free riding. The first mode has 4 levels, in each of which a unique mission awaits you. The first mission will be the tutorial. Here you will learn the basics of train driving and transport your first passengers. In the second mission, you will consolidate your skills in difficult conditions on a faster train. Only make stops at major stations that will have 5 or more tracks. In the third level, you'll have to take on trucking. You'll learn how to hitch and unhitch wagons and move your goods train from one station to another. In the next level you need to get ahead of the red train and arrive at the station first. But do not forget about the safety! If you exceed the speed, your train may derail and crash.

In the second mode, you will have a choice of two scenic locations: the green road and the autumn forest. You will also be able to choose the mission and difficulty level. For completing the missions you will gradually unlock new trains with better characteristics. Enjoy the realistic graphics and the exciting gameplay! Good luck and enjoy the game!

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  • - acceleration / braking
  • - pass the buck
  • - reversal
  • - Open/close doors
  • - connect / disconnect
  • - reposition the camera
  • - pause
  • - reboot