Trains Game: Ring Road

"Trains Game: Ring Road" is a fun, arcade game with puzzle elements to pass the time! Control several trains simultaneously and run them along the ring road. Make sure the trains don't collide at the railway crossings. Show your cleverness and attention to solve all the puzzles!

How to play?

The game has more than 50 unique levels of varying degrees of difficulty. Will you be able to pass them all? Your main task will be to run the locomotives in time and in the correct sequence to avoid collisions. To successfully complete a level, you need each train to run a full ring. As you pass the levels, various obstacles will appear on your path, to overcome which you need to take into account the speed of the locomotives, their trajectory and the length of the train. The game has simple controls and a bright, attractive design. Dive into the exciting world of trains and get a lot of positive impressions! Have fun playing!

Category: Train Games
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