Tracking Through Canada Game

Take your train on an exciting journey across the hilly plains of Canada! Build a safe and secure path for your locomotive to reach the next station unhindered. Build railroad routes between towns and travel through different locations. Travel through snow-covered hills, rivers, glaciers, forests and more!

How to play?

Thirteen exciting levels await you. Move sections of railroad tracks into the cells on the playing field, creating a route from start to finish. If you make a mistake or change your mind, you can lay a new track on top of the existing one. You cannot place tiles on the territory occupied by buildings or landscape objects. You will earn points for passing the train over each tile. Earn bonus points by laying the track over the scattered railroad areas on the map. Before you start the train, make sure you've created a continuous path from the beginning of the track to the end. Hurry up, as you will be limited in time. If you finish construction before the time on the timer expires, you'll get bonus points for the time remaining. Help the train overcome this difficult route across Canada. We wish you an enjoyable game!

Category: Train Games
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