Ten Trix Game

"Ten Trix" — is a fascinating logic puzzle game, here you can not just have a good time, but also train your logical thinking. The game is different from the classic version of tetris, here the dice won't fall one by one. You will wait for a big square field and three pieces to move on the field. To make the dice on the field disappear you need to collect them in a complete vertical or horizontal line.

Be careful, it is enough to make a mistake once as there will be no more space to install a new block and the game will be over. Try to place the blocks in such a way that you have as much free space as possible. The most important thing here is not to hurry, think ahead where best to move the pieces. Also in the game you can continue the game, if you need to go somewhere, the game will save and you can continue it at any time.

Category: Tetris Games
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