Tetris Classic Game

"Tetris Classic" — is the most standard version of the game that you can play right now! If you have played or heard about this game before, then you know that there is nothing complicated here. The game features the most classic pieces that have been familiar to Tetris fans for a long time.

In the right corner there will be written minimal statistics: next figure, level, line and score. The level here depends on the number of collected horizontal lines. With the increase will increase the falling rate of figures, do not think that everything will be very simple here. The color of figures here does not play any role in the construction, only the staging of the figures themselves is important. After the collected line disappears, all figures above it will fall lower.

How to play?

In theory, the game can last indefinitely as long as you collect blocks correctly. At the first levels the speed will increase imperceptibly, but as soon as you get to the fifth level, the speed will increase very fast. Your reaction time and dexterity are important here. It is only a few times to put the wrong figure and that's it, the game is over very quickly. Look beforehand at the piece that should fall out, so that you already know beforehand where it is better to put it.

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