Restaurant Dream Chefs Game

Welcome to the game Restaurant Dream Chefs! Today is a very bright and sunny day, on which the cute girl chef will finally manage her own restaurant! She has been dreaming for a very long time about having a very beautiful restaurant and lots of customers. She loves to manage the workers and believes that she will succeed. This girl's restaurant is not yet fully adapted for the guests, because you still need to invest a lot of money to buy all the necessary equipment for customers. In this game sweet girl wants you to help her to cook the most amazing dishes for her customers and to save money for repairs. The girl wants to replace the floor, upgrade the kitchen and much more. Will you help her develop her own restaurant business? Then don't waste your time in vain and hurry up to serve customers!

How to play?

Exactly now you will experience the most real cooking in the kitchen, without making any difficult efforts. Your task in the game "Dream Chef" is to fulfill customer orders and create different delicious dishes in the restaurant of the girl chef. Step into the shoes of a chef, cook and serve hungry customers with your desired orders. Each client will come to you and order different dishes, which you have to give in turn and for this receive money, which soon you can spend at the restaurant. When you get an order with a steak and when it's ready, click on it again to have it transferred to the customer. Click on the glasses to hand over the drink. But just don't forget that hungry customers are always angry, so pass the orders as quickly as possible. Already after, upgrade the kitchen and the restaurant to attract more customers! We wish you a good time and make the dream of a chef come true!

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