Butterbean's Cafe Cupcake Creator Game

Welcome to the very interesting game Butterbean's Cafe Cupcake Creator! Today you will have a very responsible day in front of the famous fairy Butterbean. Nice and charming fairy Butterbean for a long time loved cooking and almost every day she was fond of cooking. Each time she came out better and better, she began to skillfully create cupcakes. After Butterbean decided to open her own cafe to create the most delicious cupcakes for visitors. Fairy really wants you to help her in the initial stage of opening her business. She has had a lot of visitors who want to try her specialty cupcakes with great interest. Well, ready to help the fairy Butterbean cope with customer service and the creation of cupcakes? Then hurry up to the game!

The aim of the game is to serve all visitors by creating for them the tastiest cupcakes. In front of you on the playing field Butterbean will appear, and in the window the customer will already be waiting for you. Next to him a cloud will appear with his preferences in ordering a cupcake, take into account the two parameters of his preferences: the color of the cream and the color of the paper basket. Then proceed to create the cupcake for your visitor. Squeeze out the cream of the desired color and match the packaging to the customer's preference. Also, you can add different decorations already from yourself to make the cupcake even more attractive. If you have done everything correctly, the customer will be satisfied and will show it to you with red hearts. We wish to satisfy the demands of all customers by creating the most delicious cupcakes at Butterbean Cafe! Have a great time!

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