Cooking Frenzy Game

You are welcomed by a large kitchen in a very popular restaurant! This is where you will play the game "Cooking Frenzy"! Here you will spend your free time well and feel like the craziest chef of great cooking! It will be for you not a simple fun and interesting story about cooking delicious dishes from around the world. In this game you certainly will not let the visitors get bored, because they will come to you personally! Here you will be the manager of the restaurant, and that means you will be the crazy chef. You will be visited by very famous people from all over the world to taste your delicious dishes. These visitors want to make a choice which is the best restaurant in the world, prove to them all that you have the best restaurant, and you in it the craziest chef! Are you ready? Then let's get to cooking!

How to play?

And so, you are a chef who will work in a restaurant of insanely delicious cooking, where the manufacturer will be only you. You need to provide the food that your customers will want, try to prepare it very quickly and give it away, so that you can get very good feedback and advice from your customers. To start, tap the playing field to select the right ingredients for the required dish that your customer has ordered. Do whatever you need to do to become a mad chef in this cookery and satisfy the demands of all the customers. Remember the most important thing is that you need to serve the dishes before the time runs out or you will lose your customers! We wish you a good time and enjoy the game!

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