Tower Defense: Alien Invasion Game

Tower Defense: Alien Invasion is a very addictive, very tactical and fast-paced game in the Tower Defense genre, in which you have to fight challenging alien fighters. Strategy comes into play in each level, as you must choose the best place to create one of four different weapons and items so that they do the most damage and stop your enemies in their tracks.

The game has as many as 4 different game modes, namely campaign mode, endless mode, online mode, and player levels. In campaign mode, you will have to pass as many as 12 levels, during which, you will need to defend from the weakest monsters to the strongest alien creatures. In endless mode, you begin the game and will lead the defense against the alien invaders, overcoming their attacks wave after wave. There will be no end to them, the only question is how long you can hold out! Online mode offers you to play in defense of the tower with other players from around the world. You will be able to play on one map and together weigh the defense against alien invaders. And last level mode, allows you to create your own map, which will be saved in the game and other players can play on it. You can also play any of the maps created by other players.

Tower Defense: Alien Invasion is a new 3D strategy game with exciting gameplay and a new design. Defend against waves of approaching enemies by setting up your defensive towers, recruiting units, using special attacks, level up your buildings and more. Just start building your towers of machine gunners, bombers, electric lightning and barracks with soldiers. Each of the buildings will fight effectively against the enemies and thus you will have a chance to win. Ready to begin defending? Then go for it!

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