Tower Defense: Sudden Attack Game

"Tower Defense: Sudden Attack" is a fantastic base defense-themed game in which you must try to defend your city from an attack by enemy troops. The peace treaty has been broken and you suddenly find yourself in the thick of war. You must build a defensive line with your defensive fortifications such as: machine guns, rocket launchers and flamethrowers. The main task in the game is to line up your fortifications in the right order and stop the enemy attacking forces at all costs!

How to play?

Start by building basic defensive towers and use the money you earn for destroying enemies to upgrade your towers and build new ones. There are three different maps to play on and three different types of towers. The defense of your peaceful city is entirely in your hands. Only under your clear command, with the correct placement of your fortifications, will it be possible to stop the enemy. Just start playing on the first map and try to withstand all waves of enemies, which will be: military vehicles, armored vehicles, tanks, helicopters and even planes. All enemy military vehicles will break through to your base, but you must defend it and destroy them before they get there. Are you ready to start defending? Just start the game and try to build your most effective defense network on the playing field. Good Luck!

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