Hit Villains Game

"Hit Villains" is a cool and very easy game. Here you will have to test yourself in the role of a punisher who will punish all criminals. Let all the robbers and bandits tremble at the mere mention of your name. Become a true hero and help peaceful citizens to sleep peacefully and not worry about their well-being. Ready? Then, let's do it!

How to play?

Twenty levels await players ahead, where they will have to demonstrate their marksmanship and keen eye. Each level consists of three mini-levels where your main task is to eliminate criminals. The main character is armed with a gun with three or four bullets, depending on the number of enemies on the level. You need to shoot all the villains using the minimum number of bullets. Then you will earn more money. Also, try to catch a shot wads of money that will occur during shootings. Once you've accumulated a certain amount, you can buy a new hero from the list of famous characters: imposter from Among As, Loki, Thanos, Captain Leander, Magneto, Joker or Darth Maul. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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