Fruit Gunner Game

"Fruit Gunner" is a cool adventure in which you have to show all your agility. Above the main character will hang a large circle, on it will rotate various objects, apples, pears, bullets and other objects. And your task will be to hit them. But don't think it will be easy! On each level you will have a certain number of attempts. If you can shoot down all the fruit, the level will be considered as failed. On more difficult levels bombs will appear, and you can't hit them, because the game will end.

Visit the game every day and get a lot of coins for this, the more days you will enter, the more gold you can get. Also, complete daily tasks, and you can get coins for these as well. You will need all this money to buy new clothes and characters. We wish you good luck and enjoy the game!

Category: Cool Games
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