Climb Hero Game

"Climb Hero" is a fascinating game, here you will have to conquer the mountains, risking your life for it. How many of you have ever wanted to feel the role of a steep climber? In this game you will have a chance to feel, on how it is dangerous! Climbing on the rocks can only be a strong man, if he is not afraid of heights. Here, on the vast elevation, every wrong move can cost you your life. You must be concentrated, have good agility. Climbing on the stones is hard, but today you are going to do it only in the game. But here you can get a lot of adrenaline and unforgettable emotions.

How to play?

Controls are very simple, you just need to grab the rocks in time not to fall off the cliff. To do this, use the left or right mouse button. The character will rotate, and your task is to press the button in time. The character must grasp the rock and not fall down. Try to get as high as possible in this way. The game goes on counting. Be careful, you can hold on the small rocks for no more than 6 seconds. After that it will disappear, and the main character will die. Start conquering new heights in this wonderful game. Good luck!

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