Bubble Star Game

Welcome to the game Bubble Star! Do you like to burst bubbles or shoot them for a loud explosion? Then we want to give you a game in which you will shoot bubbles to get to the star. The thing is that the alien creature has fallen from the planet and now he really wants to get home. But in order to do so he needs your help. For him it is very important that you play the game right and release the star. After all, only with the help of the star can he return to his home. All right, are you ready? Here we go!

And so, in front of you on the playing field will appear star, around which will be located multi-colored bubbles. At the bottom of the playing field there will be a combat unit. To destroy these bubbles and get to the star, move the mouse over the groups of bubbles of identical color to it. All bubbles will be eliminated in a circle, you can also shoot on the sides. When you destroy all the bubbles and shoot at the star. Only after releasing the star will you be able to go to the next level. Have a great time and bring the alien home.

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