Bubble Cave Game

Welcome to the game Bubble Cave! All the action of this game will take place in a dark and gloomy cave. All the colorful bubbles will be falling from somewhere above. All these bubbles don't want to be in the damp stone bag at all, so they are asking you to get them out of there. In this interesting game, your task is to prevent the balls from coming into contact with the walls of the cave. To do this, you have to connect three or more of the same balls together. At the bottom of the playing field you will see a line along which you have to move the mouse to the sides, in order to correctly sort the bubbles around the circle to remove them.

In the cave bubbles will constantly fall, along with the usual colored and special bubbles will fall, such as ice bubbles, fire bubbles, explosive bubbles with different properties. They will help you get rid of unnecessary bubbles, so as not to clutter the space. Rotate the stone ball in the middle and you will succeed. You need to connect bubbles of the same color by three pieces or more before they fall to the bottom of the cave. Watch out for the special bonus bubbles that will help you complete the level faster. Destroy the bubbles before they reach the edge of the cave. Good luck and have a good time!

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