Bubble Fruits Game

"Bubble Fruits" is the most fun and entertaining game. You will meet here the sweetest girl Charlotte, who loves to do household chores and help her parents in the household. Her parents, made a small farm and raised a small garden. The girl tries to help them as much as she can, but her parents do not allow her to work much, because she is still very little. She loves to take care of their home beautiful garden, where every year a lot of fruits grows. She can even grow her own fruits and vegetables to feed their household. This little girl invites you to take part in fruit picking, in some fun way. How you will do it, you are about to find out!

In this fun and interesting game, you will need to knock down all the bubbles, which are the fruits of the girl. With the help of the girl you will be tossing up all the fruits and vegetables that will be in small bubbles. Throwing them up, they will disappear and fall, and you will earn points for this. You need to aim at the place where there is a cluster of the same colored balls. You need to aim and shoot so that you get at least three of the same color. Only then do they have a chance to fall, giving you points in return. Thanks to this air shell, fruits and vegetables will not break and keep their fresh appearance. Help this cutie Charlotte and harvest all of her crops this year. Aim correctly and carefully inspect the playing field, the faster you pass the level, the more likely you are to get a three-star rating at the end of the game. Have a great time!
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