Christmas Bubbles Game

Welcome to the game "Christmas Bubbles" where you will see the brightest and most attractive colors. On this joyful and happy holiday, all children love to get lots of interesting gifts! Some kids have to listen to their parents all year round to get them. Today you will find yourself in a fabulous, cold and wintry place where you will solve different bubble puzzles. First of all, take a look at the playing field. There you will have a cannon and ice bubbles that froze everything around in one severe frost. Now you will have to thaw it all out, otherwise the kids won't be happy with this holiday. Make sure that this will be the best Christmas celebration of all years.

To do this, you need to carefully examine the whole playing field filled with frozen Christmas toys and Christmas trees in bubbles. To thaw them out, you need to try hard with the cannon shot. All bubbles on the playing field, have different colors. In order to make the kids happy you need to defrost all the bubbles shot from the cannon. You need to aim well and shoot at the same color bubbles. See which one is loaded on the given cannon and find the same one on the battlefield. If you hit it, you'll earn points and clear a part of the playing field in the given level. You can also use the bonuses that will periodically appear on the game screen. Hurry up and get these bonuses, because they will help you to pass each level. Have a good time and have a nice rest!
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