At Baldi's Lesson Game

You are welcomed in the game "At Baldi's Lesson" by your favorite teacher, who is willing to do anything to teach his students! Baldi loves teaching math, so there's no getting away from him today. Have you ever wanted to be in the place of one of the students in class with Baldi? Then you have the opportunity right now! Baldi has already entered the school and is ready to test your knowledge in math, so we advise you to prepare well for the equations!

Your task in the game is to answer all the math questions from Baldi correctly so that he doesn't kick you out of school. At first you will get to Baldi's classroom and see several blue doors in front of you. These will be the very classrooms where Baldi has prepared math problems for you. As soon as you find a tablet, Baldi will immediately start asking you questions that you must answer correctly. Are you good at math? Baldi is sure of it, because if you do not show your knowledge he will become very angry! Don't fail in Baldi's lesson and have a good time!

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