School Baldi's Kogama Game

"School Baldi's Kogama" is a game about everyone's famous teacher Baldi, who never wants to let his students out of his school. Baldi has already annoyed many students, and some even like him a lot, because he acts like a real teacher and wants his students to know even more than he does! Baldi is very fast, so he's already well-established in Kogama's world. If you want to play along with Kogama and Baldi the teacher, then visit the game soon and go through the entire Baldi school!

And so, in order to start playing you will need to choose a blue or red team and enter it. You will walk around Baldi's school as a student. Your student will be Kogama, and Baldi will always be giving you orders, as well as constantly communicating with you. All Baldi's lines are fully translated into Russian, so you'll understand everything perfectly. Your task is to collect all the notepads, each of which has published tasks. They are difficult, but you will definitely be able to solve them, the main thing is to be well-prepared for mathematical solutions. To escape from this cursed school you will need to solve all the puzzles and then barriers in the form of doors just get out! We wish your hero Kogama good luck to get out of Baldi School and have fun!

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