Baldi's Basics Classic Game

"Baldi's Basics Classic" is a game in which the story starts with you entering the school of a strict Baldi teacher who never lets his students leave school until they have solved all his problems! This strict Baldy math teacher will be in the same building with you. In this game, you will have to get out of here. But the problem will confront you with the fact that all the doors will be closed and you will have to think hard about which ones you will have to go to and open. Get ready for the fact that you will be faced with the task of collecting seven notebooks, each of which will have a lot of useful information for you. It won't be easy at all! Baldy's a mathlete! Are you ready? Then test your math skills with Baldy!

And so, before you find yourself in Baldi's school you will see in front of you a lot of doors that you will have to visit. But before that, you need to choose which game mode you want to play. In the game you will be able to choose between two modes: story mode, endless mode. In story mode you will need to collect 7 notebooks and then escape from Baldi school to win. The more notebooks you collect, the faster Baldy will become. In endless mode there will be challenges waiting for you. How many notebooks do you think you can collect before Baldi catches you? Over time he will accelerate, and the longer you can hold his speed, the more you can collect notepads. Have a great time with Baldy and have fun!

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