City Apocalypse 3D Of Zombie Crowd Game

Are you ready to go on a survival journey into a world of chaos? "City Apocalypse 3D Of Zombie Crowd" is an exciting game in which you will not be against zombies, as you might think. Today you will be playing as zombies, and your target will be living people! You are playing as a virus. Take over the human mind. You need to expand the virus across the planet. For a moment, you can imagine that you are a participant in the world war Z, zombies against all human survivors. It all starts in a small town. In just a couple of days, chaos has set in, you have already infected a lot of people that you can now control. Create your own army that will take over the entire planet. A huge pack of zombies that will go through the alleyways, infect people in all available places.

How to play?

Before you start the game, you can choose which zombie you want to play. Infect a lot of people with the virus. For a large number of infected you will get various improvements. You can increase the speed of the zombie, increase the range of people and other. The game will consist of many levels. Your task is to find all the people on the map and infect them. After passing the levels, you will open new, more powerful zombies. They will be much more interesting to play with. Try to become a real threat to the world!

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