Elsa Wedding Disaster Game

Welcome to the Elsa Wedding Disaster game! Today is a very special day for our sweet princess Elsa, who has been waiting for this event for so long. And now this long-awaited day has arrived, because today will be the wedding of Princess Elsa and her beloved husband! Elsa and her friends are getting ready for the wedding, she is choosing a smart white dress and jewelry, but she needs your support and your advice, and that is why she wants you to be with her on this important day in her life! Are you ready to help Elsa? Let's begin!

First you have to choose the most beautiful outfit for the bride, namely a gorgeous white dress, earrings and everything the bride needs for a chic wedding! The thing is that her boyfriend has prepared a surprise for her! He stuck balloons in a big cake, and as soon as the bride was about to cut it the balloons in the cake burst and the whole cake stained the bride. Now Elsa has a wedding disaster, from her future husband's bad joke! We need to save her urgently, wipe her face and reapply her makeup and get her cleaned up! Wish to save Elsa in this wedding disaster and have a great time!

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