Bridal Race 3D Game

Girls! Welcome to the pursuit of happiness! The game "Bridal Race 3D" will take you to the big wedding race, in which the winner must be you! Ever wanted to say yes to your lover and get married? Then this game is just for you, because you are waiting for the most exciting wedding rush, in which you'll run to his fiance knocking down other rivals! Do not let yourself cancel your wedding this year, hurry to win the man of his dreams! Are you ready? Then go ahead in pursuit of the wedding!

Your task in the game "Bridal Race 3D" is to compete with other brides and try to be the first to get to the altar and your beloved, who will already be waiting for you in a wedding suit. You will have two rivals who will also rush to grab your man first and marry him! Do your best to make sure this doesn't happen! On your way to the altar, collect bonuses, quickly jump from level to level and beat these pushy girls by throwing them into the water, but be careful not to fall down themselves! Otherwise you will lose, and your groom will be taken away by others! Get everything you need for the bride's wedding! No bride can get married without a dress, shoes, veil and beautiful bouquet! Use your gems to unlock new bridal gowns and purchase bright new hairstyles! It's your day, don't let anyone ruin it! Have a great time and win in this Wedding Rush 3D! Good luck!

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