3D Game

Welcome to a new multiplayer game called " 3D", where you can drive a real locomotive and fight against a lot of real players for the title of best train driver! Race across the vast arena, gathering screws and toolkits along the way to extend the length of your train. Collect as many points as possible and take the top spot on the leaderboard!

How to play?

To control the locomotive, simply move the cursor in the desired direction. Press and hold the left mouse button to perform a jerk. Avoid head-on collisions with trains or other objects, as this will result in the loss of all earned points. But if you do crash, you'll always have the option to instantly revive, paying a small penalty. For destroying the opponents, you'll get gold coins, that can be spent on buying new colorful image for your train. Don't forget to also pick up a variety of useful bonuses that will temporarily increase your speed. Good luck in " 3D"!

Category: Train Games
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