Red Light, Green Light Game

Welcome to the game "Red Light, Green Light", which was introduced in the first episode of the famous South Korean dorama called "Squid Game"! This game is about a group of people who, because of the need for money, are forced to take part in a secret tournament of survival! You will have to play the role of one of the participants in this deadly competition, where the winner receives a prize of over $38 million! Are you ready to risk your life and reject all human feelings to win the squid game no matter what?

How to play?

The character is controlled with the mouse or by touching the screen of your smartphone. You will find yourself in a small arena, in the center of which there will be a creepy robotic doll. It will stand motionless with its back to the other participants, whose task is to cross the red line at the end of the field unnoticed. The puppet stands without turning around and counts out loud: "One, two, three... - red light!". While she is counting, the players need to move forward quickly. After saying "Red light!", the puppet immediately turns around and kills anyone she notices moving even slightly after her signal. Next to her there will be several armed soldiers who will immediately open fire to kill anyone who didn't have time to stop in time. Reach the finish line before the time on the timer expires. There are countless exciting levels ahead of you with increasing difficulty. Earn money and buy new unique headgear for your hero. Good luck!

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