Squid Game : Tug Of War

Welcome to a new episode of "Squid Game", in which you will have to play another deadly version of the famous children's game called "Tug of War"! You will find yourself in a huge hall with a high bridge, on both sides of which there will be two teams. To prevail in this survival game, you need to pull the rope as hard as you can. Those who throw their opponents off the tower will win!

How to play?

Each team will have 3 members. In the corner of the screen above each team there will be an energy bar. When it reaches one of the 3 charges, you will be able to perform a spurt that will cause your opponents to lose their balance for a moment. Thanks to this, you will be able to pull the flag to your side and throw your opponents off the bridge. As soon as the opponent will fall from the platform, the rope will be cut by the big sharp guillotine. The game also features a two-player mode that allows you to compete against your friends. Whose team will be stronger? Let's find out right now!

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