Subway Clash 2 Game

Meet the highly anticipated sequel to one of the best online third-person shooters, Subway Clash 2, where you'll take on the role of a brave soldier in an abandoned Soviet subway, and battle it out against numerous other players from around the world! Navigate through dilapidated subway tunnels, where your enemy can be waiting for you around every corner.

How to play?

Avoid areas with high radiation levels so as not to receive a lethal dose of radiation. You will have several weapons in your arsenal, such as the Kalashnikov assault rifle, large caliber sniper rifle, smoothbore shotgun, and even a grenade launcher. All players will be divided into two teams of 8 fighters in each squad. Round duration will be 3 minutes. The battle is won by the team that scores the most points in the allotted time. From time to time various unique weapons will drop from the defeated enemies that you can use. While shooting try to aim for the head to eliminate the enemy in one precise shot! Use hand grenades to take out several enemy soldiers at once. Join the incredibly dynamic underground shootout now and win every battle!

Category: Shooting Games
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  • - movement
  • - leap
  • - sit down
  • - rifle
  • - aim
  • - change arms
  • - throw a grenade
  • - points table
  • - lock / unlock cursor