Shortcut Run Game

The "Shortcut Run" game is a race in which you have to run cutting corners. Get to the finish line before your rivals. Simple gameplay with efficient and easy to learn controls. Compete with opponents, pick up the boards lying on the road. You will need them in order to cut pieces of track in certain places. The game will often have to be clever, shorten the path to get to the finish line before everyone else! Start a fun race, with lots of opponents, and lots of interesting obstacles.

How to play?

You will control a person who, together with other players, will run along a road surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, collect planks, and then stack them afterwards. The character will use them automatically every time you slip off the track, or want to take a shortcut. Remember, when you run out of boards, you can drown, or jump back onto the road.

The game has 50 interesting, and very cool levels, passing each, you will receive rewards in the form of money. Buy different looks in the store, pick any of the 33 pieces.

I have to hand it to you, the game isn't that simple, but that's what makes it so interesting.

Category: Running Games
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