Interstellar Run Game

"Interstellar Run" is a fun game of agility. You will find yourself in space, with only emptiness all around you. Millions of miles away from the earth. But don't despair! The main character is lost somewhere in space, you have to help him. There's a big tunnel in front of you that you have to run through. That's the only way you can get back home. Try to run to the end of the tunnel. At the end there will be a portal, which is what will help you go home.

How to play?

Your task is to move from side to side, jump over obstacles, avoid the laser. Also, note the grey floor, it will disappear after touching it. It's not as easy as it may seem here. To perform well, you have to show your entire arsenal of skills. Dexterity, attentiveness, you will have to react very quickly to survive. Collect extra lives, they can extend the run if you fall. Run as far as possible, set big records. Good luck and enjoy the game!

Category: Running Games
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