Codename Fox Game

Of all the animals on earth, the fox is considered the most cunning and cunning. And for good reason. This animal can grab any object in the blink of an eye and instantly hide from sight. In a word, the fox can be called the most "criminal" animal. In the game "Codename Fox", you can see for yourself and become the sharpest and slyest robber. So now you are going on a secret mission, where you need to open the safe with the code lock. To do that, you need to put all the rays so that they don't intersect and change their color from red to green. Then, the lock will be opened and you can freely take all its contents and get into the hands of the guards of the law. To manage to do all this you'll need to call on the help of your logic and intuition. Enjoy the game!

Category: Robber Games
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