Bob the Robber 2 Game

Welcome to the world of alternate justice. In the game "Bob the Robber 2", you will once again meet our old friend named Bob. This time the robbery will be much more ambitious than in the first part of the game. Now you can't only rob the rich people with usual methods. Now you will be able to use modern gadgets: picklock, power tool, camera, stun gun and disguising spray. Lock picker helps you to open locks of different complexity. The energizer will make you faster for a while. The camera can take an instant picture and Bob the burglar will cover the camera with the picture. The stun gun has a strong charge and can knock out policemen and large bodyguards that you can't take with a hit from Bob's baton. The cloaking spray will make you invisible even if Bob moves. Once you familiarize yourself with the gadgets and acquire something, we can begin the game. You'll be wandering around the mansions and other buildings that are stuffed with security systems. Be careful and you'll be able to reach your goal. Have fun playing!

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  • - walk
  • - picklock
  • - hack / read
  • - impact / action
  • // - apply the gadget