My Cooking Restaurant Game

"My Cooking Restaurant" is a game where you meet the chefs of your own restaurant business, they want to help you promote it and make it the most popular restaurant in the world. If you start promoting your restaurant properly, you won't be ashamed to tell everyone that it's "My Cooking Restaurant"! Let's start getting into the business of restaurant cooking with you and start making the most exquisite dishes gradually, starting with scrambled eggs. Today is a very good day to start with cooking, especially if you will be working in your own restaurant. Well, ready to try to become the best owner of this restaurant to get the best reviews? Then hurry up and start playing!

And so, first of all you need to learn how to cook properly. To do this, first choose the dish that you want to try to cook and buy up all the ingredients, they will be tender for your dish. Then on the playing field for you to prepare all the things you need for cooking, all the kitchen utensils in each step of the cooking and products. You have to cook according to the hints that will be visible on the playing field. If you wont stick to the rules then no one will pay for your meal. If you want to develop its business, then cook properly, get coins for it, which can buy products for other meals. We wish you success in your restaurant business in the game "My Cooking Restaurant"! Have fun!

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