Lost Gems Game

"Lost Gems" is an incredibly atmospheric puzzle game in the "Sokoban" genre with superb 3D graphics, in which you have to go to a mysterious dimension to connect all the gems! Ahead of you awaits 60 unique levels, whose complexity will gradually increase. You have to move the cube across the playing field to push the other objects in the right direction. To successfully complete the levels you will need to complete various tasks in a minimum number of moves. Take your time and calculate each action carefully, because you will not be limited in time.

How to play?

The controls in the game are quite simple and intuitive. If you get stuck on any level, you can always use the hint. Be careful, because some platforms can suddenly collapse and cut the way back. If necessary, you can change the camera's angle, and that will let you see the whole playing field from the other side. Use bombs, magnets and other objects around you to reach your goal! This game will serve as a great simulator to improve your attention span and logical thinking. Good Luck!

Category: Puzzle Games
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