Push The Box 3D Game

Welcome to "Push The Box 3D", an exciting new puzzle game in which you have to move the boxes to get to the sparkling diamond! Demonstrate your attentiveness and intelligence to successfully solve all the puzzles and perform the correct sequence of actions to achieve the best result! Nice graphics and simple controls will allow you to have a great time. Will you be able to complete all the tasks?

How to play?

The game has 30 fascinating levels, in each of which you need to get to the blue crystal in the least number of moves. You will control a cute duckling, who needs to get across the flooded sections of the path, using wooden boxes. The boxes can be used to build bridges, to press the buttons or to climb the hill. Also in some levels you will meet the lifting blocks, that will help you to climb to the higher places of the location. For your convenience, the game will rotate the camera in both directions. If you made a mistake, don't get upset, because you can always undo the wrong move. Good luck and enjoy the game!

Category: Puzzle Games
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