Parking: Car Driver Game

Do you like to drive? Then this is exactly what you need! Master your car driving skills and become a professional racer. "Parking: Car Driver" is a cool new game, it will give you real feedback from driving a car, and help you learn some cool parking techniques. Develop your driving skills by playing it. If you are looking for games with cool parking, obstacle based puzzles, then it will be the perfect driving simulator for you.

How to play?

Are you ready to get behind the wheel of a classic passenger car, the BMW e38, and take on the challenge of extreme parking? In the game you will have access to a full 25 levels, the most different parking zones, with many complex crossings. Your task is to get to the finish line without getting into an accident, watch out for barrier traffic and closing gates. You must be careful when parking your vehicle. Do not touch obstacles with your vehicle, otherwise you will have to start the level from the beginning.

Games of this plan and really can help practice parking skills, it will give you an opportunity to some extent to feel the dimensions of the car, the speed, braking. Good luck!

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