Backyard Parking Game

"Backyard Parking" is a cool simulation game in which you can feel like a real driver of a powerful mustang! On this car you will need to get to the specified place. While driving you have to observe all the traffic rules, try to drive very carefully. The most important element is to park the car. You as a driver must be good at assessing different situations on the roads!

How to play?

You need to take a certain road to a parking space. If to get to the specified place still get, here is to park - it will be another problem. Way will consist not only along the smooth road, large rises, steep hills, and more. In each of the levels, you will need to park not only forward, but also backward. Gameplay consists of forty-four levels ranging from the easiest to very difficult.

Playing, you will spend your time in a cool and useful way. It is important not to crash into various obstacles, because of this your car will break down. After that you will need to start driving again. Try to challenge yourself, and pass all these parking tests.

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