Wheel Smash Game

Welcome to a new, easy and unobtrusive game for stress relief "Wheel Smash". Today you have the opportunity to have the most incredible fun crushing different objects with a big wheel designed for a car. You are in for the most fun crushing and smashing different objects! Are you ready to have fun in this new game with a big spinning wheel, capable of smashing everything in its path? Then let's get started!

In Wheel Smash, your job is to slowly drag the wheel across the playing field with the left mouse button, then you will feel the crunchy satisfaction of smashing all the objects around you! Hurry up and start enjoying unlimited shredding of rubber chickens, soda cans, toothpaste, and more! Don't let the wheel stop, it will cause you to lose. The greater the distance you walk together with him the closer budite to victory! Have fun! Good Luck!

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