Mergest Kingdom: Merge Puzzle Game

Welcome to "Mergest Kingdom: Merge Puzzle", a game that will transport you to an amazing fairytale world, where you will have to rebuild a once mighty state and restore it to its former glory! Merge hundreds of different objects scattered across the immense map to gather resources and gather materials for building homes and other buildings! Complete countless quests and tasks to gather as much gold, rubies and experience as you can to level up.

How to play?

The game "Mergest Kingdom" is controlled with the mouse. Connect ancient relics to bring fallen warriors back to life. Cultivate wheat, linking the green spikelets together and harvesting the resulting crop! The surrounding islands are shrouded in a thick, opaque fog that only dissipates once you reach a certain level. Craft all sorts of items such as daggers, cuirasses, helmets, axes and a host of other artifacts to summon more legendary warriors. Acquire new lands to expand your holdings. Upgrade the royal army and build up your military might! Dismantle the enemy Ents, stone golems, iron monsters and crystalline creatures that swarm the area. They are a great source of resource extraction. Open treasure chests and team up with other heroes in need. Later you will have the opportunity to buy the necessary items on the market. Good luck and enjoy the game!

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