Fruit Swipe Game

Welcome to Fruit Swipe! Here, you'll be able to swipe on brightly colored fruits that will win you over with their juiciness at first glance. Swipe your mouse over the matching fruits of the same species to clear them from the playing field. Need to collect at least three of the same kind of fruit to make a chain between them and they explode brightly and loudly on the playing field and disappear. In return, you get bonuses and can easily go to the next level. Don't forget to keep track of the number of moves and the task you have to complete! Try to create combinations that can turn into different bonuses that can easily destroy half of the fruit. With each new level, you'll get closer and closer to the cool bonuses that you can use at any time, especially if you have limited moves. Try to go as far as possible to see the fruit world in all its glory. Enjoy the game!

Category: Match 3 Games
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